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This modest tribute is dedicated to a character I am sure we all know well and love greatly. This tribute has a wonderful personal feel to it, offering basic information about our beloved princess, as well as some personal opinions of the webmaster. Definitely worth a read; don't forget to join that fanlisting! Click here to read it!

the legal stuff

All subject found on this site and within its subdomains are © to their original owners/creators. I in no way claim them and would like to emphasis that all opinions do not reflect the publishers or anyone involved in the work. These are fansites, big or small. They will express the opinions of the writer. Thank you.


If you wish to join the directory, there is just a small list of things that you need to take into account before you go filling out the join form!

#1 - Your website must be a positive tribute toward a fictional female character of whatever media (TV, books, comics, cartoons, video games, anime/manga etc.) that she belongs to.

#2 - You must link back to the Bad Ass Bitches directory somewhere on your shrine (as long as it is there and it is clearly visible, I don't much care where you put it).

#3 - I will accept any site form of your tribute - be it a shrine, fansite or fanlisting.

#4 - I will accept - and this is very important - female characters or series with a female main/mainly female cast ONLY. So, for example, you would not be able to join with a site dedicated to Bleach but you could join with a site dedicated to Sailor Moon. For tv watchers, you couldn't join with a site dedicated to Supernatural but you could certainly join with a site dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seeing the paralells? Excellent!

#5 - As long as your character biologically is - or identifies as - female, they will be accepted here. This means that (assigned at birth male) transgender characters are also welcome provided that the gender they identify with is female. [See: Seiko Kotobuki from Lovely Complex]

#6 - Relationship category is only open to relationship shrines between two or more female characters. This means that shrines featuring male/male, male/female or male/female/male combinations are not subject for approval. Relationships must have a surplus of female presence and still be in a positive light. If there is character bashing of female characters, your join form will be deleted immediately. As such, female/female, female/male/female etc. relationship shrines will be accepted.


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