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This modest tribute is dedicated to a character I am sure we all know well and love greatly. This tribute has a wonderful personal feel to it, offering basic information about our beloved princess, as well as some personal opinions of the webmaster. Definitely worth a read; don't forget to join that fanlisting! Click here to read it!

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Badass Bitches was created on February 18, 2014 and was developed by a girl with a dream for more appreciated female characters. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that female characters in all fandoms get thrown under the bus more often than not. Sometimes, people have solid arguments for why they don't like them but, more often than not, it's some paper thin hatred that said character is either a representation of what internalized sexism says you should see as the enemy, a bitch or are interferring in your yaoi ship. How dare they. So, upon being completely sick of seeing this groundless disgust toward some genuinely fantastic female characters, I decided to do something about it.

Start a website that celebrated female characters in all their glory. With the help of many fantastic web designers, I feel I have officially created a place where people can show off the ladies they love without having to endure the backlash of fandom. Women are amazing and it makes me happy each and every day when somebody submits a new site to this directory. The ladies might be fictional but they help represent a far bigger picture and I cannot wait to see this directory one day so filled with websites that you'll be at a loss for where to start.

So, Emrys, why is it called Badass Bitches? Isn't that a swear/slur? You bet your ass it is and we're taking it back. In the context of it being a slur, a bitch can have a wide variety of definitions but the bottom line is that it is meant to punish and demean women based on their gender. In the context of feminism, however, a bitch is a woman who is strong willed, has conviction, isn't afraid to speak up for herself, stands her ground and fights back tooth and nail to make her mark. She is a role model and somebody to look up to because, in the words of the great Tina Fey, "Bitches get stuff done." So, say it loud and say it proud. I know I sure do and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.


Being a directory dedicated to a certain subject is no new idea. There are plenty of other directories out there who cater to certain subjects and all of them are just as worth your time! Below are the ones that are affiliated with Badass Bitches. Give them a look over to continue your shrine-loving adventures and I assure you that you will spend your days a happy hunter!




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