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This modest tribute is dedicated to a character I am sure we all know well and love greatly. This tribute has a wonderful personal feel to it, offering basic information about our beloved princess, as well as some personal opinions of the webmaster. Definitely worth a read; don't forget to join that fanlisting! Click here to read it!

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Seasonal Challenge Participation


VOX POPULI ☆ Red from Transistor
How did you interpret this month's prompt: ... to be honest, I'm worried I didn't. It certainly inspired me! Transistor is a game about woman who can't speak but can do anything else, who loves a man who can *only* speak, having been divested of his body. Both of them are the victims of a small group of artists out to change the world for good, but it's ambiguous whether they mean something deep by that. He repeatedly tells her that he loves her as she goes around, essentially kicking ass, until she beats everyone, even the biggest boss, leaving her with just her lover and a tool that can rewrite the world in every way except the ways she wants: it can't give her back her voice, and it can give him back his body. And then she goes to his body, lays down, and kills herself. Mysteriously, they seem to be reunited at the close of the credits, and the moment is one of extreme love ... what's funny about it is that it seems to be a game both about two people who love e ach other deeply, while also being about a woman who defies anyone's attempt to restrict her choices. And I don't know if that fits the prompt of loyalty, but there is loyalty in the game, it just might not be the most important thing. I suppose I think that qualifies as being badass.

ETERNAL FLAME ☆ Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
How did you interpret this month's prompt: Well she is the one that is ready to die for someone to protect them.


VALKYRIE ☆ Rose from The Legend of Dragoon
How did you interpret this month's prompt: Would you choose to save the world at the cost of being condemned for all eternity? Would you continue to save a world that does not want you in it? Rose would - and does, a hundred times over.

ZERO ☆ Miki Sayaka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
How did you interpret this month's prompt: I don't want to spoil too much about Sayaka's character, but her story is just a perfect example of how someone can start something with the best and most noble intentions in the world and still end up paving a path to destruction because of it.


IN CONTROL ☆ Yuyuka Nekota from Daytime Shooting Star
How did you interpret this month's prompt: I chose to write about a character whose metamorphosis consists of emotional growth and maturing - which isn't so much her turning into something or someone else, but her shedding a layer of skin to reveal who she truly is. Metamorphosis is often associated with literally changing into something new and thus advancing to the next stage, something that is true for Yuyuka (someone who learns to embrace honesty without using pride as a shield and to voice their feelings even if the outcome cannot be changed or is uncertain), but a major part of her character's realization is also being who she has been all along and showing the world her true self without fear.

BEAUTIFUL ☆ Chiaki Tachibana from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
How did you interpret this month's prompt: Chiaki transforms from a spoiled Tokyo teenager into a genocidal pseudo-fiend because she lives through the end of the world.

AWAKENING ☆ Claymore
How did you interpret this month's prompt: I chose to write about Claymore due to the warriors' hybrid nature, a central element in a narrative dominated by women, an element that takes away a significant part of their identity and denies them certain experiences while making them who they are, and that is also the reason they form connections the way they do.

LUX PERPETUA ☆ Dove from DC's Hawk & Dove
How did you interpret this month's prompt: no response