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This modest tribute is dedicated to a character I am sure we all know well and love greatly. This tribute has a wonderful personal feel to it, offering basic information about our beloved princess, as well as some personal opinions of the webmaster. Definitely worth a read; don't forget to join that fanlisting! Click here to read it!

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Hello there! Welcome to the interactive portion of this directory where every season, Badass Bitches will be hosting a challenge. These are open to all to join in and submit their sites. This challenge is here in hopes to inspire all those dorment loves of our lovely ladies and get those thoughts down on computer screen. Every season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) will be given a basic prompt and it is up to you how to interpret that. All websites will be added to the main directory, as well as added onto the challenge completed page to show your inspiration off to the world! Best of luck!


“Wherever you go becomes
a part of you somehow.”

explanation: As they say, experience breeds wisdom but no matter what you do, that experience will mold you one way or another. You can start out your journey with one ideal but travel may add, eliminate or morph those perceptions. You may find parts of a culture that you adopt into your day to day life, slang you pick up along the way, customs or traditions that reshape how you view the world. Travel is important in life, as travel is what makes us whole and, in time, makes us who we really are.


It's really quite simple, actually. The rules are as follows:

A) You have anywhere during the given season (approx 3 months to the date) to make your project. The deadline to submit your sites will extend to the end of that given season. For example, in 2016, the final day of summer was September 21 as the first day of autumn started on the 22nd. After that, your site will be added to the main directory but not to the challenge page
B) Your tribute must have something to do with the prompt but the interpretation of which is entirely up to you
C) Your tribute must be a positive response to a female character, a relationship between two or multiple women or a series with a main female cast
D) Your tribute does not need to be brand new. If your interpretation of the prompt inspires a layout change for a pre-existing female character site, an added section, new media etc., you are welcome to submit that as well. On that note, your tribute does not need to be completed in order to submit by the deadline. Ongoing sites are completely fine! The point of this challenge is to inspire people to create sites dedicated to female characters; you can always complete it as you go!
E) Your tribute cannot be solely a fanlisting; this challenge exists to help inspire sites with a little more girth and content. If your fanlisting has an informative about page or if you have a tribute that also carries a fanlisting, they will be accepted
F) Link back to the challenge page to help spur on the fun! ♥

If you have any further questions about this challenge, please e-mail
emcy.fls at gmail dot com, subject 'BAB Challenge'


Simply make your way down to the Challenge form and fill it out. This form is to be used specifically and only for those participating in the seasonal challenge. All other submissions to the directory should go to the get listed form.

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